Out Come The Freaks presents: Storytime – A night of strange tales, storytellers, shadow puppetry and more

Out Come The Freaks returns the Singers House with their Storytime!

A night of strange tales, storytellers, shadow puppetry and more – always more! So make sure you secure your place in this evening of myth & mystery.

Entrance to the Singers House via Nassau Street,

Suggested Donation of €5 on the door.



January 9, 2020 8:00 pm



€5 Suggested Donation

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• Paul Mangan will be garnishing the night with “Tall tales of Paul’s Fails”. A synopsis of his idiosyncratic and chaotic lifestyle in the form of hairy stories. There is truth, and there is fact! This is the truth…

• Sean Fitzgerald from Ballad Tours Dublin – Joining us to captivate the audience in conversation with Humpty Dumpty.
(Who is the eggman?)

• Annie Craic will share her theatrical story of two mystical beings called Mr. and Mrs.Toad. They had something wild about their ways and the amount they overgrowed. – A step outside the tyranny of practicality.

• Renata Izabela Pękowska aka Dark Luna Park will present an audiovisual live shadow story, a dreamlike sequence of no logic nor sense but hopefully plenty of imagery of the suppressed kind.

• Paudie Holly is a folklorist, historian, theologian and seanchaí. He has been performing stories for six years all over Europe. This Kerry native entertains with an inimitable style, sparking the imaginations of even the most cynical.