Spicebag: Dance Karaoke August 14th


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SPICEBAG is an ad-hoc, queer performance night, and dance party, for succulent misfits, fabulous flamers, dazzling dykes, trans celestial travelers, your granny’s marigold gloves, bisexual bikers, Nadine Coyle, that chicken fillet roll from last night you woke up with on your pillow and DEVOURED, intersex impresarios, asexual agony aunts, cock goblins, hoop trolls and sure whatever else you’re having yourself there, lash it in that SPICEBAG !!!

Established in 2017 by artistic directors, and hosts on the night, Stephen Quinn and Sarah Devereux, SPICEBAG is spoken-word; cabaret; live performance; drag; visual arts; multimedia and a DJ set thrown in at the end for good measure. Sure what more could you ask for?