The Lost Lane Monday Club – Shogunz of Skank (Mick Pyro and Pete Pamf)

Lost Lane will see Monday’s become a free live music night hosting high end cover bands and industry stalwarts each week. For musicians and industry workers, this promises to be the perfect solution to your Monday night party.


April 22, 2019 7:30 pm


7:30 pm

The Shogunz Of Stank is fronted by both the extraordinary genius of Dublin’s own Mick Pyro and and the eclectic Californian rhythm guitar wiz Pete Pamf.

The Shogunz purpose is to explore nasty punk/funk grooves in hopes of it reaching interstellar levels of funktopia. The fantastic Dubliners Tommy Moore on Bass and Eoin Redmond on drums provide the rhythm section with and the bitonal genius Darragh William O’Ceallaigh (keyboards) that makes it all possible.

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