Hidden Agenda presents: Jessy Lanza

Hidden Agenda and St. Patrick’s Festival are proud to present the fantastic Jessy Lanza to LoSt LaNe!

The Canadian Producer/Singer/Songwriter has crafted a new and vibrant pop aesthetic that is both universal, energetic, yet personal and introspective. The material exists on a distinct polarity of big and small, global and local, populist and personal; and clarifies a modern and crucial voice in pop music.

One of Hyperdub records’ champions, Lanza plays a deeply atmospheric, cool and intimate live show, the kind of show that remains unforgettable for a long time after.


March 13, 2020 10:30 pm


10:30 pm


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Hidden Agenda presents: Jessy Lanza - March 13th 11.12

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Canadian electronic songwriter, producer, and vocalist Jessy Lanza has made a name for herself worldwide. Having released two full-length albums off UK label Hyperdub (Zomby, DJ Rashad, Burial) Lanza gained critical praise from the get-go.

Nominated for that years Polaris Music Prize, 2014’s ‘Pull My My Hair Back’ caught the attention of many. Lanza’s breathy high-note vocals were complimented by her low key Synth productions and steady Basslines, making for an album that was utterly unique, intriguing and accessible, – “Pop twisted on its head”.

By 2016, Jessy Lanza continued on her impressive path, naturally evolving her music with ‘Oh No‘. A much less subtle album, ‘Oh No‘ maintained that alt-Pop sound, but showed how Lanza had matured her singing and production efforts exponentially. The songs off the album freewheeling collages of ’90s R&B, Chicago footwork, acid house, disco, and wonky minimalist pop, Lanza used simple instrumentation to span multiple moods and BPMs.

Now, back in the saddle with a new album release looming, Jessy Lanza will bring her incredible, intimate and atmospheric live set to LoSt LaNe, for what will be a night you’ll talk about for a long time.



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