Down in the City: Scullion and friends – June 16th

Scullion continue their musical expedition with a series of three curated Sunday Service shows at Dublin’s Lost Lane after a really successful sell out residency in The Sugar Club last year. Bookending the week that was and offering sanctuary from the digital attention merchants the band will be joined by a number of Ireland’s most wonderful musicians and writers for a Sunday Session of great songs, inspirational readings, and powerful tunes.

Special Guests: Ye Vagabonds and Natalya O’ Flaherty


June 16, 2019 8:00 pm


8:00 pm

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Down in the City: Scullion and friends - June 16th 25.00

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As the allure of facebook and of never-ending virtual connection fades, the urge to sit and play to sing to chat and to listen in a great room like Lost Lane in the Ireland of 2019 is compelling. The exchange that happens when engaging live with an audience is more alluring and vital than ever in this age where things are a little more digital a little more augmented and a little more virtual We have an amazingly diverse musical and literary traditions on this creative island and many of those strands are woven together for these shows.

Other shows in this series are June 16th and July 21st in Lost Lane.